Austin Travels for Cross-Training

Austin Travels for Cross-Training

We enjoy the opportunity to combine travel with training as part of the ATL Events Group developmental approach. Austin, one of our assistant managers, will soon be traveling to Houston, Texas to cross-train and network with the best of the best from our industry.

Not only will Austin learn about emerging ideas and best practices during his trip, he will enjoy everything Houston has to offer. We emphasize these possibilities during every ATL Events Group travel event, because we want our people to be rejuvenated by the experience. We are planning activities that will introduce Austin to local attractions of all kinds.

We also appreciate the new perspectives that come with travel. Our associates get to re-assess what makes our work special when they take a mental break from our daily pursuits. Austin will likely return to the office with fresh motivation to tackle new challenges.

There are two travel opportunities coming up for our associates, and the ATL Events Group office will be the scene of some spirited competition to see who gets to go on these adventures. Trips to Beverly Hills and the U.K. are up for grabs. The U.K. trip will be offered to our best mentors, because the excursion is based on training people in the region and expanding the market. As for the Beverly Hills trip, it will be enjoyed by top sales individuals on a nationwide basis.

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