ATL Events Group President Leverages Travel Opportunity

ATL Events Group President Leverages Travel Opportunity

We take full advantage of the travel opportunities presented to us as members of Team ATL Events Group. ATL Events Group President, sets the pace by venturing out to meet influential industry leaders whenever he can. He recently traveled to Portland, Oregon to do just that.

During his trip, the President met with top leaders and gained new insights into professional development. He was also able to participate in a mentorship program and share his knowledge with new business leaders. “It was a rewarding experience to be able to pass on what I’ve learned at ATL Events Group to a new generation of managers,” the President said. “I’m inspired to enhance our commitment to in-depth training.”

Our Director has a few qualities in mind as he focuses on professional development. He explained, “Clear communication is one of the most important aspects of lasting success. That’s why we work on it so much and encourage our associates to listen more than they talk. If you expect to achieve strong two-way communication, you have to really hear what the other person is saying.”

Our President is also excited to tap into his team members’ creativity. He stated, “It was really inspiring to be surrounded by so many innovative leaders during my Portland trip. I picked up some techniques for brainstorming, which I’m really looking forward to using in our office.”

Travel is one of the best developmental pursuits. For more on how we use it to our advantage, follow ATL Events Group on Twitter.