Powerful Public Speaking Strategies

Powerful Public Speaking Strategies

The ability to speak with confidence in front of a large audience will do wonders for your career. We discuss public speaking strategies around the ATL Events Group office with this in mind. Along the way, we have agreed on a few key practices that elevate any speaker’s effectiveness.

Memorable presenters know how to get in the right frame of mind in the minutes leading up to every speech. Whether it’s a simple affirmation, a repeated mantra, or just focused breathing, we try to get in the zone before we go to the podium as well. Along with alleviating our nerves, these strategies help us go right into our remarks with energy and confidence.

We have also noticed that effective speakers use silence to their advantage. Doing so builds anticipation for the next point in a presentation, but we also use pauses to slow ourselves down when we feel anxiety. The few seconds it takes to gather our thoughts are enough to get us back on track without sacrificing the rhythm of our speeches.

The best presenters also understand the importance of getting the first and last 30 seconds of their talks just right. Every time we speak on behalf of ATL Events Group, we remember that we need to make a strong impression out of the gate and to reinforce the most important points so our listeners will remember them.

By putting these techniques into action, we are sharpening our speaking skills. Find more of our presenting tips by following ATL Events Group on Twitter.