How to Be a More Persuasive Speaker

How to Be a More Persuasive Speaker

Around the ATL Events Group workspace, we often discuss the value of being a strong public speaker. Not only do we want to be well understood any time we deliver a big speech, we want to be as persuasive as possible. Here are a few strategies we apply to do just that.

Being more persuasive begins with forming a clear and data-supported argument. We know it’s not enough to simply list facts and figures though, which is why we relate all the evidence we find in our research to our personal experiences. This inspires listeners to do the same, which makes our points more memorable in the long run.

It’s also important to forge emotional connections every time we address a large crowd. We achieve this by smiling and making consistent eye contact throughout our speeches. Our associates have also discovered that personal anecdotes improve rapport with listeners.

Collaboration helps us craft more persuasive speeches and proposals. We gather varied viewpoints to build into our ATL Events Group pursuits, which allows us to perfect our messaging before an important presentation. Even if we don’t agree with what a colleague says, working together helps us appreciate how diverse audience members might react to the points we make.

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