Welcoming Grizzly Coolers and Isolate Zero

Welcoming Grizzly Coolers and Isolate Zero

It’s always exciting when we add new brands to the ATL Events Group portfolio. We recently brought Grizzly Coolers and Isolate Zero into the fold, and we’re looking forward to expanding their influence in the marketplace.

We tested each of these brands in high-traffic settings, and a few of our team members spearheaded these efforts. Amony worked with Grizzly Coolers, while Jullian, Sarah, and Adrianne worked as a unit with Isolate Zero. This process allowed us to learn about the attractive features of these products, which we will convey to buyers.

Grizzly Coolers is known for high standards in creating hunting and fishing coolers, and their custom line is great for promotions and corporate advertising. The company also offers drinkware and a range of outerwear. Isolate Zero is a protein supplement from Inner Armour that is lighter than most other products of its kind. It was created to be a thirst quencher and help people build muscle at the same time.

Working with new brands is always something to look forward to, and it shows that demand for ATL Events Group’s innovative promotions is on the rise. We’re ready to get started expanding these brands’ market reach and our own company’s influence as well.

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