Ana J. and Tasha S. Chosen for Dallas Conference

Ana J. and Tasha S. Chosen for Dallas Conference

Travel opportunities are some of the best investments you can make when it comes to team development. That’s why we organize a variety of ATL Events Group business trips, often as incentives for excellent performance. Ana J. and Tasha S. were recently selected to attend a conference in Dallas, which will offer a range of professional benefits.

These two outstanding team members were chosen to attend the conference for several reasons, including the attitudes they bring to every day on the job. Ana has a big-picture mind-set, always setting long-term goals for herself. Tasha is new to Team ATL Events Group but is consistently pushing for growth. Both are confident in their abilities to keep adding to their professional knowledge.

The conference will give our associates the opportunity to learn from other high achievers from all corners of our industry. They will discuss best practices and emerging techniques they can put into action as soon as they return to our office. Not only that, they’ll be able to share what they learned with their teammates.

Networking at conferences is always productive, so we’re sure Ana and Tasha will also come home with helpful new contacts. The connections we make at these types of events give us trusted sources of advice and often lead to unexpected opportunities down the road.

The Dallas trip promises significant rewards for Ana and Tasha.