Announcing Our New Book Club

Announcing Our New Book Club

Our supportive team environment is one of the key drivers of ATL Events Group’s continuing growth. We organize all kinds of team outings and activities to ensure that our empowering atmosphere stays that way. A book club is our latest morale-enhancing venture, and we’re already learning a lot about each other.

Getting different perspectives on our work is one of the best things about the book club. We discuss what we read and figure out how it applies to the unique challenges we face as we grow ATL Events Group. We’re learning that we all have slightly different takes on the best ways to sustain success, even as we work together toward common goals.

Our current selection is Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure.” It’s all about cutting away any considerations of luck and chance in your career and getting serious about doing hard work. We’ve been discussing Cardone’s belief in the power of clear goals, as well as his thoughts on using fear as fuel for breakthrough achievements.

We’ve found that the best team-building activities are the ones in which we learn together. So far, our book club has been no exception. We’re refining our professional skill sets as we build stronger personal bonds through our reading and discussion.

We’re looking forward to working through our long reading list with our book club.