What to Ask at the End of the Interview

What to Ask at the End of the Interview

Perhaps the best way for a job candidate to make a positive impression is to ask insightful questions. Any time we evaluate a potential addition to Team ATL Events Group, we listen for the right types of queries regarding the position and our company as a whole. Here are the things candidates should ask about before an interview concludes:

• The Company’s Plans: We want to know that someone has given thought to how he or she can help push the company forward. If a candidate wants to know what the future holds for ATL Events Group, it’s a fair assumption that he or she wants to be a big part of it.

• Ongoing Training: Constant improvement is something we strive for around ATL Events Group, so we want prospective hires to have the same commitment to personal growth. We’re intrigued by candidates who show real interest in learning new things every day, because we will certainly offer the ability to do so.

• Why the Job Is Available: This is a good question to ask to take the temperature of a company. Learning that the position is available due to expansion is certainly the answer every candidate wants to hear. Finding out that the last person in the role quit is a bit more alarming.

These types of questions always make strong impressions on us when they’re posed during interviews.