Team Building

ATL Events Group, Inc. Reflects on Five Traits of Promotable Team Members

Promotion decisions at ATL Events Groups, Inc. require thought and reflection. We look for specific traits in our team members before considering them for the next level. These are the most admired attributes we look for in associates before we offer an opportunity for advancement. 

1. Volunteer Mindset 

Team members who volunteer to train new hires or take on a challenging project are more impressive than those who must be forced into these duties. By jumping into extra tasks or taking another step, these people get noticed. 

2. Open to Adaptation

Business is all about change. Market trends, consumer preferences, and economic circumstances all influence how we do business and we must keep up with them. Team members willing to adapt to these changes instead of resisting them are ideal. They show flexibility.

3. Willing to Teach

People who hoard knowledge are not leaders. People who share new tips and offer guidance show they are ready for leadership positions. 

4. Act With Humility

Arrogant people feel they have nothing more to learn. Humble people ask questions and fill in their knowledge gaps. They recognize talent that can solve problems. Being secure, they share credit. Not only does this show maturity, but also their readiness for more responsibility. 

5. Plan Then Execute

We like plans and strategies. However, they are not any good unless someone acts on them. Ideas are great but someone has to make them work. By taking that extra step, a team member shows leadership potential and innovation. 

All these traits are evidence of growth and the ability to keep evolving higher. These are the people whose contributions to a business are only going to increase. Recognize them early and encourage them. You want to keep them in your organization and promotion keeps them motivated.