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ATL Events Group, Inc. Shares Tricks to Improve Memory

Misplacing car keys can make you late to work or cause you to forget a name at a networking event. There is no doubt that memory can be a liability if you fail to develop it. Here at ATL Events Group, Inc. we emphasize the development of many skills including memory. We start with a two-step memorization technique.

Memory is primarily visual. The best way to help remember something is to associate an image with it. If you can make it a funny image, you are more likely to remember it.

Once you compose these pictures, give them a location. Imagine a place you know well, like your home or office, and create a walking path within it. Set up your memory pictures along that path and when you need to remember something, mentally take a walk on it. You will recall what you wished to remember. 

This works with remembering many types of information. For numbers, make associations. If you are a sports fan, attribute the number to a favorite team jersey. Attach it to an activity. If you need to remember that there are 30 attendees registered for your event, associate it with the 30 minute walk you take every day. 

For presentations, remember key topics or points; do not memorize it like a script or it will sound unnatural. Give pictures to each key topic. For example, if you are discussing time management, imagine a clock. 

With names, do word association. If you meet a Lisa, visualize the Mona Lisa. Get distinctive details about people you meet, too. Remembering Steve who surfs is easier than remembering just Steve. 

Memory is effort but it is also imagination. By attaching facts, figures, and faces to something that is important or interesting to you will help you keep them straight. If you are stressed or tired, you can always rely on writing it down. Just be sure to remember to look at your list!