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ATL Events Group on the Benefits of a Company Hierarchy

At ATL Events Group, we’re aware that bureaucracy is a dirty word. We don’t disagree with that assessment, but having a distinct hierarchy within a company doesn’t necessarily result in project delays and hampered decision making. In fact, we believe that long-term projects and sustained success are much better served by a work atmosphere in which everyone knows their role. In a setting where expectations and responsibilities are made clear, team members feel a high degree of certainty and predictability. This is important when a team is trying to stay focused and motivated during the course of a long and involved project. In this type of work atmosphere, managers routinely check on progress and supervise team members from day to day. There may be potential for red tape and bureaucracy by maintaining a chain of command approach, but we believe that the structure helps team members feel as if their hard work and dedication will pay off. In the absence of a carefully-structured hierarchy, professionals are likely to feel lost in the shuffle and believe that their efforts will never be recognized. They’re also likely to be less informed about what’s going on within their own companies. Google founder Larry Page tried to eliminate middle managers once the company reached 400 employees. However, he soon found that without those managers in place, it was much more difficult for executives to learn about the company’s current and long-term goals. Although we’re not quite on the level of Google just yet, ATL Events Group has also come to the realization that hierarchy within a company is crucial.