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ATL Events Presents Three Tips to Encourage Innovation

We know from managing business advertising campaigns that innovation is crucial for survival. That is why we encourage new ideas from all our team members at ATL Events. If you wish to tap into this hidden reserve of genius, you need to have the right environment to encourage it. Here are three tips to start that process: Set Aside Time to Ask, “What If?” Sometimes ideas require a trigger to start generating. Posing questions at meetings that present possible scenarios can bring creativity to the forefront. Open Up to Feedback Do not just state that you are open to feedback. Actively encourage it by asking for it. If this has not been a practice before, be aware that some comfort will have to grow with it. You can establish that open atmosphere by asking specific questions of team members whose input you believe will be valuable. Let Your Talent Run With Ideas What would your team members do if they were not afraid? They would take risks, act on ideas, share new strategies, and, in one word, innovate! If someone comes up with a great idea, also give them the responsibility of executing it. This is empowering and the trust involved also encourages people to feel like an active member of your organization. Innovation arises from a supportive atmosphere. You may have to start with small steps, such as asking specific questions to generate opinions and ideas, but as your corporate culture opens up, the ideas will flow freely. Make trust and faith the name of your game and not only will your workplace generate more positivity, but the next great idea may arise from your office.