Basic Networking Strategies That Really Work

Basic Networking Strategies That Really Work

We’ve learned a lot about how to effectively add contacts through our ATL Events Group networking experiences. More than anything, we’ve found that the simplest concepts tend to create the most successful outcomes. Here are a few basic strategies we take into every networking opportunity.

One thing many people forget to do before a networking event is physically prepare themselves to meet potential connections. It’s important to be at your best in such situations, so we make sure to get plenty of rest the night before a big event. We also find time for quick workouts before each industry function, just to make sure we’re as mentally alert as possible.

We’ve also found that sharing memorable stories with new contacts is one of the best ways to forge meaningful connections. It’s nice to have some pertinent facts about ATL Events Group and our innovative on-site marketing, but telling a detailed story is even more likely to make us stand out in new contacts’ minds.

Perhaps the most important thing we can do to improve our networking effectiveness is to change our mind-sets. In other words, if we think more about the value we can offer rather than what we can get out of the process, we’re more likely to build lasting connections that bring real rewards.

We keep these basic concepts in mind every time we set out to expand our contact lists. Check out the ATL Events Group Newswire to receive more of our best networking advice.