ATL Events Group: Where Professionals Reach Their Full Career Potential

Our ATL Events Group people succeed because they have a passion that separates them from others. They embrace the opportunities we offer, and leverage them to build satisfying careers.

Our clients choose us as a result in our expertise in retail development and our ability to market consumer merchandise. They love our techniques, which is fully comprised of our fantastic team. Our competitive advantage comes from the fact that we hire the sharpest minds and most motivated professionals in the business. Each talented marketing specialist is given the freedom to create and problem solve, while still following proven marketing systems and methods to customize the campaign of each client. We provide opportunity and advancement allowing our team to produce higher results than any other firm in the industry.

Team members who commit themselves to the ATL Events Group mission have access to a number of perks.

Check them out.

Travel Opportunities

Travel Opportunities Through ATL Events Group

From road trips for regional trainings to international flights for luxurious retreats, careers at ATL Events Group offer frequent travel opportunities. Our people spend quality time with their colleagues while they see the world. These memorable experiences are among the many ways we express appreciation for hard work.

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Training

The ATL Events Group training program is free of dated videos and dusty manuals. When people join our team, they get right to work and learn using a hands-on apprenticeship approach. It’s the best way to acquire presentation and sales skills, understand brand dynamics, observe best practices, and get familiar with the buying process.

Unlimited Coaching

Unlimited Support

All ATL Events Group managers started on the ground floor and worked their way to leadership roles. Their experiences make them ideally suited to coach new people who are just learning the ropes. Our managers know what it takes to succeed at our firm, and they provide the feedback and support to ensure that everyone excels.

A Collaborative Atmosphere

A Collaborative Atmosphere

Our high level of collaboration is the primary driver that pushes ATL Events Group past the competition. While we support each team member along his or her unique journey, we unite the entire group with common goals. This way, we all work in harmony. Our team culture yields great camaraderie. We celebrate every victory.

Networking Events

Networking Events

Whether through business travel, volunteer work, or product campaigns, we have plenty of chances to meet influential people. By adding them to our professional networks, we pave the way for years of opportunity. These interactions also build confidence in our people and give them the resources needed to succeed.

Team Member Testimonials

We have been so privileged to work with ATL Events Group due to their highly trained and professional representation. We know the hair business – inside and out. ATL Events Group knows the world of marketing through and through. Together we have risen to the top of our business and outsold top brands by millions – just by having a trained face with our brand!!

Working with ATL Events Group is wonderful. Their staff takes pride in our product and generates long term customers for us with expert representation.

With ATL Events as our business partner we’ve tripled our revenue AND they generate 10X more exposure than our efforts. It’s a win-win.

Amazing Possibilities With ATL Events Group

Individuals who join ATL Events Group never stop growing. Simply apply below to open the doors to long-term career advancement.

Committed to Making a Difference

Philanthropic efforts are a big part of our company culture. Giving back to our community helps us all thrive.