Our Commutes Are Powerful Development Tools

Our Commutes Are Powerful Development Tools

One of the secrets of success is a passion for achievement, and we cultivate that in our team members with continual learning, coaching, and development opportunities. Our ATL Events Group commitment to helping people achieve their potential helps us maintain a state of anticipation for our futures.

Of course, we believe in personal responsibility as well, so we encourage each other to spend some personal time on growth as well. One of the ways we’ve found to leverage our time is to use our daily commutes to set ourselves up to win.

These are a few ATL Events Group suggestions for commuting with purpose:

• Podcasts and Audiobooks: Whether we drive or ride, we can spend our trips back and forth to the office listening to uplifting, educational, and entertaining speakers and authors. There is almost no limit to the subjects covered by podcasts, and we find works of fiction as edifying as nonfiction. If you’re not sure what topic to start with, we suggest something related to people skills as these are always helpful.

• Work on Long-Term Goals: The (relatively) quiet time that we have while commuting is the perfect time to think about what we’d like to achieve, determine if we’re still on track, or reset our expectations. One of our favorite exercises is to continually develop a clearer mental picture of what we want our lives to be as we come closer to the completion of our major life goals.

• Organize the Day’s Events: Or the next day’s, if it’s the ride home. This keeps us focused on the daily action steps that are parts of our long-term plans.

Use these commuting tips to give your career a boost. To learn more about our success strategies, check out our ATL Events Group Newswire.