Competitive Advantages Abound at Our Firm

Competitive Advantages Abound at Our Firm

Two of the things we’re known for at ATL Events Group are travel and networking. Once a quarter we travel to networking events that strengthen our professional development skills and widen our contact lists. Soon, select individuals from our team will have the chance to attend the upcoming Q1 conference. Industry leaders from across the country will be there, and those of us who attend will be sharing best practices and connecting with the best of the best in on-site promotions.

We don’t just travel to network though. We also journey to exotic destinations for some well-earned rest and relaxation. For example, every year we look forward to an annual retreat that takes us somewhere tropical. Of course, we will make contacts while we’re there , because it’s what we’ve been trained to do – and because we always meet interesting people wherever we go.

Another great reason for Team ATL Events Group to hit the proverbial road is to help people in our network achieve their professional goals. If a peer is opening her or his own sales and marketing office or just needs help fine-tuning his or her skills, we’re the first to lend aid. Being successful in business is all about making and maintaining strong connections.

Networking and travel aren’t the only two advantages our team members enjoy. Like ATL Events Group on Facebook to learn more.