Our Core Values Drive Our Organization to Success

Our Core Values Drive Our Organization to Success

We’re a value-driven organization, and our core ATL Events Group value is this: be passionate. With 2020 on the horizon we’re keeping the passion and momentum of 2019 strong so we can build on all that we’ve accomplished in the last twelve months.

These are our top ATL Events Group tips for keeping the creative flame alive:

• Give: Look for ways to support worthy causes in your area, or step up and do more with your current giveback opportunities.

• Recognize: This is another of the values that influences our office. We watch for what we call all-star moments, when our team members take the initiative and jump in to fill a need, and publicly acknowledge their effort.

• Network: Making new friends is energizing, and building a professional network is one of the surest ways to guarantee success in the future.

• Communicate: Open lines of communication are key to growth. We admit when we need help, and are quick to help when someone has the courage to speak up and ask for it.

• Learn: Rather than achievement, we focus on learning. A continual learning habit is the foundation of long-term success. Our commitment to this ideal pushes us to challenge ourselves, and also to make lateral moves if that’s where the skills we need can be found.

We’re turning up the heat in our office, and looking forward to using our passion for success to achieve remarkable goals in the coming year. Like ATL Events Group on Facebook to learn more about our plans.