Why We Emphasize Professional Networking

Why We Emphasize Professional Networking

Building strong professional networks is something we’ve always encouraged around ATL Events Group HQ. Brandon D., our firm’s CEO, stated, “Whether through business travel, volunteer work, or product campaigns, we give our team members plenty of chances to meet influential people. By adding accomplished pros to their networks, our branding experts pave the way for years of good advice and possible joint ventures.”

We develop confidence as we add helpful connections to our networks as well. It’s always beneficial to discuss how other people have achieved success, because we can apply the insights we gain to our own career endeavors. We often find that we’re already on the right track, which allows us to proceed toward our highest goals with even more optimism.

Brandon has a few simple but effective tips that help us every time we seek out new contacts at big industry gatherings. Perhaps the most important is doing research before the event gets underway. He explained, “LinkedIn is a wonderful resource for networking success. I encourage our ATL Events Group branding experts to check out any social media pages related to the function they’re attending. From there, they can look up attendees through LinkedIn to gather some ideas for icebreakers.”

Our CEO also believes in taking notes on everyone we meet at conferences and other events. “The best place to do this is on the business cards you collect,” he added. “This makes it easier to remember key details from every discussion, which leads to stronger follow-up messages.”

We continue expanding our networks with further career growth in our sights. Check out the ATL Events Group Newswire for more of our connecting insights.