Highlighting Well-Earned Promotions

Highlighting Well-Earned Promotions

We promote based on merit here at ATL Events Group. It’s always fun to put our freshly promoted brand experts in the spotlight, and we currently have three to honor. Emee, Austin, and Alexis have all been elevated to the role of campaign manager.

Brandon D., our firm’s CEO, stated, “These three outstanding team members all bring different skills to the table, but they also share a common determination to achieve ambitious goals. I have full confidence that they will thrive in their new roles.”

Emee was promoted because of the intensity with which she chases her aspirations. Brandon added, “Emee sets and achieves 100 percent of her goals, applying feedback immediately to help her do so. She’s a great example for everyone else on our team because of the way she throws herself into sustaining success.”

Austin has a background in psychology, which helps him relate to people around the office and when he’s working on big campaigns. Brandon added, “Like Emee, Austin is adept at taking feedback and using it to his advantage. Combined with his ability to forge productive relationships, the sky is the limit for Austin here at ATL Events Group.”

Alexis has the type of personality people want to be around, which is a major asset in our industry. Brandon commented, “Along with her positive attitude, Alexis is also eager to learn new things. She’s been able to build her skill set even as she tends to her everyday responsibilities.”

We’re excited to watch these standout performers in their future endeavors. Keep up with all our team achievements by following ATL Events Group on Twitter.