The Lasting Power of Team Recognition

The Lasting Power of Team Recognition

In the ATL Events Group office, outstanding work performance is frequently recognized and celebrated. Each month, we publicly applaud one of the high-level professionals who contribute to our ongoing success. Whoever earns recognition is the latest of our colleagues to stand out from our group of dedicated achievers, so it’s no small accomplishment.

We understand the power of recognition and use it as a vital tool to reward those who are hitting huge milestones in their careers. When one person is singled out for praise, it keeps our entire team motivated to reach their goals. Everyone wants to be the next to receive some time in the spotlight, so we all kick it up a notch after a teammate gets recognized.

Engagement is also higher when people feel appreciated for their hard work. We believe professionals are more willing to go the extra mile when they know they’ll be rewarded for doing so. The regular recognition we receive around ATL Events Group HQ helps us retain our sharpest performers and attract top-flight candidates when it’s time to bring new people on board.

We’ve cultivated a supportive work atmosphere through our commitment to highlighting standout performers whenever possible. To learn more about how we show appreciation to our devoted brand managers, follow ATL Events Group on Twitter. We share frequent updates on who’s in the company spotlight and how they earned the honor.