The Lasting Value of Our Internship Program

The Lasting Value of Our Internship Program

The excitement builds when graduation season comes around, because we know there’s a new crop of potential ATL Events Group interns to evaluate. Internships are proven ways for new college graduates to gain essential knowledge, skills, and experience while making key connections in their chosen field.

Those who enter our internship program receive hands-on training and mentoring from our seasoned brand managers. By getting involved in real-world projects from their first days in our office, interns get their feet wet and are better equipped to decide if a career in on-site sales promotions is right for them.

When our interns go beyond what they are expected to do, they can earn a recommendation letter at the least and maybe even an offer for full-time employment. We give new grads all the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in our industry, so we always appreciate when our interns go out of their way to excel and impress.

Of course, we also benefit from having enthusiastic, business-minded young people in our office every year. The fresh points of view interns bring to ATL Events Group often help us devise even more innovative solutions for the brands we promote. There’s always a little extra excitement in our workspace when we welcome recent graduates into our collaborations.

We’re ready to meet with talented college grads in the weeks to come. Follow ATL Events Group on Instagram to get updates on how this year’s program is taking shape.