Learning and Networking, California Style

Learning and Networking, California Style

Travel has always been a major factor in our ATL Events Group culture and training approach. We love expanding our horizons, whether it’s through a leadership seminar, relaxing retreat, or trip to another successful office. Our most recent travel opportunity took several of our top performers to California for a uniquely rewarding quarterly networking conference.

Fine-tuning professional skills was one thing our attendees did during the weekend. There were plenty of chances for hands-on training during the event, including lessons from some of the brightest minds in our business. We’ve already started to implement what our brand experts brought back from California. There’s a buzz in our office as we do so; we know the benefits of this trip will be felt for a long time.

Adding new connections was obviously a huge benefit of the California trip as well. Our people came back to the ATL Events Group office with a lot of following up to do. They were sure to jot down a few notes about each discussion in order to make their post-event messages as effective as possible.

One of the underrated benefits of traveling to conferences and other big events is that they can sharpen time management skills. There was a lot to take in at this latest gathering, so our brand experts were careful to plan things out in order to get maximum value.

There’s lots of excitement for our next travel opportunity. Follow ATL Events Group on Instagram to get updates on where we’re headed.