How to Maintain a Motivated Team

How to Maintain a Motivated Team

Keeping our people motivated is a primary ATL Events Group goal. We’re using a few simple techniques to make sure our associates are engaged in their work. Here are the strategies we’ve found most useful in keeping motivation high around our office:

  • Showing Appreciation: We do our best to show how much we value our people’s contributions both large and small. Along with successful major projects, we take time out to highlight smaller wins as well. In doing so, we inspire our people to keep pursuing success with their unique talents.
  • Providing Travel Incentives: Whether it’s a conference, educational seminar, or exotic retreat, we’ve found that the opportunity to travel is a prime motivator. Sometimes we put getaways up for grabs as part of ATL Events Group competitions. The best part of these events is that as our people get competitive, they discover skills they didn’t even know they had.
  • Displaying Gratitude: Rather than wait for performance reviews to tell our people they’re doing great work, we offer personalized thanks throughout the year. Positive reinforcement is among the best motivational tactics, of which we’re reminded every time we offer sincere gratitude to our people.

We’re using these simple strategies to keep our associates on the right track. Learn more about how we keep our team’s motivation level high by following ATL Events Group on Twitter.