Making the Most of Dallas Conference

Making the Most of Dallas Conference

A few hand-selected members of Team ATL Events Group recently attended the quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas. The event offered hands-on training and inspiring speeches in addition to many chances to add great contacts. McKenzie, Robert, Antonio, Austin, Obie, and Chandler were the team members chosen to attend the conference.

Brandon D., our firm’s CEO, stated, “We offer travel incentives as ways to recognize excellent performance. In the case of the quarterly networking conference, it’s doubly rewarding due to all the benefits our people receive. It’s great how much you can learn when surrounded by successful people. Our standout performers came back to the ATL Events Group office with a wide range of helpful insights and new contacts.”

Our CEO also recognizes the unheralded benefits of traveling as a team. He explained, “Our team members get to know each other on a personal level every time they venture to a big industry event. Along with gaining a clearer view of our industry’s big picture, they also get to see traits and talents that might not get expressed very often around our office. When they return home, our people are newly inspired to work together toward breakthrough solutions.”

We’re excited about our upcoming travel events. Check out the ATL Events Group Newswire to stay up to date on all our excursions.