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Our Best Tips for Maximizing Mentorship

As we move into 2019 with ambitious expansion goals for ATL Events Group, we’re as committed as ever to the value of mentorship. Being coached by someone with a successful track record is extremely important for anyone who wants to further his or her career. Brandon D., our firm’s CEO, explained that we provide hands-on guidance from seasoned mentors as part of our training program. We know it’s the ultimate way to build confidence and get on the fast track to meaningful success.

There are a few things to keep in mind when finding the ideal mentor. First of all, you have to be ready to receive coaching, because people who don’t make the time to listen or won’t accept criticism aren’t going to get much value from anyone who acts as a mentor. It’s important to remember that being a mentee is something that requires discipline and dedication.

Having well-articulated goals is another essential element of finding the best mentor for your situation. When we look for people to help guide us toward our ATL Events Group goals, we focus on those who have already achieved the heights we aspire to reach. With a few specific benchmarks in mind to help us get there, we can derive maximum value from any mentoring experiences.

These are the things we keep in mind when looking for professional coaches. Follow ATL Events Group on Twitter for more of our best insights into the nature of success.