Monique E. Gets Well-Deserved Recognition

Monique E. Gets Well-Deserved Recognition

Our team members set the pace for ATL Events Group’s continuing growth. Monique E., one of our campaign managers, is a perfect example of this through her commitment to improving and helping others reach their potential.

Our President, explained, “Monique is a true problem solver, troubleshooter, and trainer. Her main role is developing people into leaders, which she does through mentorship and her ongoing self-education. She is proactive in learning what she needs to know to be a great leader, which makes her an invaluable part of our team.”

Challenging people to think beyond their current abilities is another winning trait Monique brings to every day on the job. “Monique understands the value of pushing beyond your comfort zone,” the President remarked. “She inspires her team members to employ the same aggressive approach, which leads to big payoffs for ATL Events Group and the brands we represent.”

Monique is also mindful of her actions, leading by example for everyone on our team. She knows others look to her for guidance, so she sets clear goals for herself and then measures her progress toward reaching them. By doing so, she enhances accountability among her team members and throughout our company.

We’re excited to watch Monique continue developing as a leader.