Natalie Earns Some Time in the Spotlight

Natalie Earns Some Time in the Spotlight

We regularly feature outstanding members of Team ATL Events Group in this blog, and today it’s Natalie who has earned the honor. Brandon D., our firm’s CEO, stated, “Natalie was recently promoted to campaign manager due to her hard work and commitment to achieving goals. We’re thrilled to watch her develop professionally and see how far she can go within our industry.”

Natalie stands out among her colleagues because she’s always been super-proactive about her duties. “She’s also a quick problem solver in any situation,” Brandon noted. “This is largely due to the positive outlook she brings to every new challenge. Natalie is eager to take on more responsibility, so I know she’ll do well in her new role.”

As campaign manager, Natalie will manage events on her own and train team members as well. “She sets such a great example for our entire team,” Brandon remarked. “As she leads events on behalf of brands in our ATL Events Group portfolio, I’m sure Natalie will set the bar higher and higher for her team members.”

Natalie’s method for setting clear goals is a big reason why she continues to reach new career heights. She understands that well-defined objectives give structure to every day on the job and allow her to properly focus her efforts.

We’re ready to watch Natalie in action as a campaign manager. Like ATL Events Group on Facebook for regular updates on her and all our standout performers.