PRESS RELEASE – We’re Ready for the National Holiday Gala

PRESS RELEASE – We’re Ready for the National Holiday Gala

There’s no better way to celebrate a successful year than to get into the holiday spirit with teammates. That’s what we’re getting ready to do around the ATL Events Group office, with the national holiday gala coming up soon.

Brandon D., our firm’s CEO, explained that the gala is an excellent networking opportunity for our top performers. Those of us who attend the event will be able to interact with influential leaders from all corners of our industry. It’s an ideal way to dive into 2019 with confidence and new sources of trusted advice.

We enjoy all kinds of business trips throughout the year, including educational conferences and exotic retreats. The gala isn’t just great for recognizing outstanding members of Team ATL Events Group; it’s also the perfect end to a year filled with rewarding travel events. With every new excursion, we learn more about our teammates’ positive traits and the big picture of what’s possible in our business.

Ours is a booming industry, so we have high hopes for further expansion in 2019. Ringing in the holiday season surrounded by accomplished people is a springboard to bigger and better things in the year to come.

The gala is always a night to remember, so we’re looking forward to learning who will be able to go. Check out our ATL Events Group Newsiwire feed for updates on all our team holiday events.