ATL Events Group’s Progressive Marketing Strategy

The relationship we establish with our clients is personalized to create long-term beneficial business partnerships. Unlike a typical firm, we form a strategic partnership that is driven by a significant return on investments. For starters, we own the entire direct marketing process from beginning to end. This allows our clients to continually create and produce new products. We partner with some of the fastest growing brands along with the worlds largest retailers to focus on driving long-term value as well as generate fast bottom line increases in revenue.

ATL Events Group is currently operating in seven different industries. We have partners in the fashion industry, automobile, sporting, cosmetics, skincare, high-end electronics, home goods, and even gourmet foods. Our business model has been the reason why we have been able to expand our company into new markets by over 150% in the last year. Our interactive marketing techniques prove effective each time, and is the main reason why our partners have seen an increase in brand awareness as well as boosted their revenue by over 300%. This is possible due to our biggest strength being our ability to take what we have learned in one industry and promptly apply it to others.

You know your product inside & out.

ATL Events Group’s promotional specialists are masters of dynamic outreach. Let’s join our expertise to introduce a top-tier promotion and get your product into the marketplace.

We’ll learn all about your business & target audience.

In the process, we’ll also determine when, where, and how best to connect with potential buyers and get them buzzing.

From there, word will spread about your brand.

The energy we generate is contagious, so the public will soon be sharing your message as well.

The scale of our initiatives is huge.
We’re not talking just a few dozen people.

On a daily basis, we reach out to more than 1,000 individuals. During the standard 12-day event, we typically connect with 20,000 people. The impact of these numbers on business growth cannot be ignored.

ATL Events Group: Reinventing the Marketing Cycle

At ATL Events Group, we are equipped to meet the unique marketing needs of small and large businesses, from local startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our flexible approach is evident in our customizable outreach method, which focuses on three primary areas.


Our model allows us to connect personally with targeted consumers. We learn about their real-time needs and respond accordingly, generating excitement around your brand and facilitating action. They appreciate your brand’s value through every meaningful interaction.


We move quickly to bring products to market and score early-stage sales fast. This way, price premiums remain stable while profitability soars.


Our innovative method makes for optimal outcomes. We minimize the risk of failure by applying feedback loops to tighten our efforts, and leverage distribution channels that surpass the power of conventional media. As such, every investment is maximized.

With ATL Events Group on your side, your business’ growth is guaranteed. We’ll rally customers on your behalf, enhancing your reputation and market growth.

Our collaborative culture facilitates a high degree of innovation.

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