ATL Events Group Gives Back

Success means giving back. That’s why at ATL Events Groups, we’ve incorporated philanthropy into our firm’s culture. As we continue to grow, we look for ways in which to give back to our community through ongoing volunteer efforts and other support. It’s our privilege to be able to help.

Here are a few causes in which we’re involved.

Atlanta Community Food Bank

No one in today’s world should have to face hunger. The ATL Events Group supports the Atlanta Community Food Bank organization. It provides meals for those living in Georgia who would otherwise go without food.

Action Against Hunger

Not only in Atlanta, but around the world people lack resources they need to survive, including food and water. We support Action Against Hunger as it helps to develop self-sustaining communities while providing for malnourished children.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand

The reality of childhood cancers is heartbreaking. For this reason, we’re proud to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a grassroots initiative to raise money and awareness for research that will someday lead to new treatments and cures.

Community Pillow Drives

ATL Events Group firmly believes in making a difference in our local community. We hold monthly pillow drives to provide resources for local transitional homes, Cherokee County Fire Station’s, Goodwill locations, The Drake House, Cherokee County Homeless Veterans and families in need. Our efforts ensure that we are creating better living environments locally, and globally.

Wild Aid

The world’s most beautiful creatures are often those who are hunted and their skins and tusks sold illegally. At Wild Aid, they’re fighting these illegal practices worldwide. The money they raise helps build awareness that saves endangered species lives.

One Drop

Sustainability is a hallmark of ATL Events Group’s mission to help others. One Drop is a charity with a mission is to preserve and protect water, as well as help communities around the world access clean sources of this life-giving resource.

Charity Water

Charity Water is another organization that is dedicated to helping communities tap into clean water resources. We understand that when a community is able to provide water, it opens the world to other resources needed for success.

We’re always on the move.

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