We’re Proud to Highlight Humility

We’re Proud to Highlight Humility

That title may seem to be a paradox, but it’s how we feel around the ATL Events Group office. We’re serious about maintaining humility as one of our core values. It’s a key driver for our ongoing growth. We operate with the notion that our actions, not our titles, determine our success. There is no person or task that is beneath us.

Our leaders live out our core value of humility every day. Rather than a weakness, we see being humble as one of the ultimate strengths any manager can possess. For us, humility means understanding your strengths and weaknesses while recognizing the same in others. If there’s a more appropriate trait for a leader to have, we haven’t found it.

Another way to look at humility is that it allows people to minimize their self-interests and maximize the larger purpose they represent. This is an ideal way to describe the approach that powers our ATL Events Group success. We celebrate each other’s wins as meaningful victories for the entire team. Spreading the credit around is one of our favorite things to do. We work smoothly toward common goals because we know we’ll share in the glory of winning outcomes.

We plan to remain humble, no matter how much we accomplish. To learn more about our core company values, follow ATL Events Group on Instagram.