We’re Proudly Expanding Our Portfolio
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We’re Proudly Expanding Our Portfolio

It’s an exciting time around the ATL Events Group office as we continue to exceed our growth goals. Our ongoing success has also allowed us to add a new name to our diverse portfolio. Brandon D., our firm’s CEO, explained, “This new partnership is with a growing company, and it provides us with tons of opportunities for overall expansion.”

Our leaders are being trained on this new endeavor and training their team members to be successful with it as well. Brandon continued, “We have a large focus in the consumer goods industry, and now we’re moving into the service sector. Things are definitely looking bright for ATL Events Group as we head into the future.”

Heading into a new area of the marketplace is a great way to reach consumers. “We’re going to bring our unique style of promotion to a whole new set of demographics,” Brandon added. “I’m excited to watch our people adapt and thrive working with this brand. There are growth opportunities for our company as a result of this expansion, but our team members stand to gain even more in terms of their professional development. Taking on new challenges is a key part of our ethos, so we’ve been preparing for this type of endeavor every day.”

We’re already beginning to see the benefits of our new venture. Follow ATL Events Group on Twitter for regular updates on our progress.