We Provide Extensive Real-World Training

We Provide Extensive Real-World Training

One of the major benefits of joining Team ATL Events Group is the amount of hands-on experience we provide. From a person’s first days on the job, we offer in-depth training that covers every aspect of our business. In the process, we prepare our team members for lasting success in an evolving industry.

Brandon D., our firm’s CEO, stated, “Our training program is free of outdated videos and dusty manuals. We get right to the point by getting our newest team members involved in real-world projects. Our hands-on apprenticeship approach is the fastest route to confident branding experts who are ready to thrive in a variety of roles.”

We’ve found that the immersive approach we utilize is the best way for our people to acquire presentation and sales skills. Brandon added, “Involving our new hires in important projects right off the bat allows them to understand brand dynamics and observe best practices. From there, it’s easier for them to tackle new challenges as they emerge.”

Our in-depth approach to professional development extends into our ongoing education efforts. Long after our team members complete their initial training, they receive opportunities to expand their horizons through travel, internal seminars, and other rewarding experiences. Constant learning is a hallmark of ATL Events Group’s ongoing growth.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our immersive training program. Follow ATL Events Group on Twitter to learn more about how we prepare our people for rewarding careers.