Recognizing Jullian G.’s Improvement

Recognizing Jullian G.’s Improvement

Developing our people’s leadership skills is a key part of the ATL Events Group ethos. When our team members make great strides in becoming leaders, we’re happy to recognize their efforts. Jullian G., one of our campaign managers, fits into this category, so we want to give him some well-deserved time in the spotlight.

Jullian has always taken the initiative to do things without being asked, posing questions of his own to make sure he’s proceeding in the proper way. This has made him a natural mentor to his teammates, who seek his advice on a range of topics. Jullian has learned how to grow from the feedback he receives. Along the way, he has also become adept at helping others do the same.

Networking is a major element in achieving sustainable success. With help from accomplished individuals in the industry, there’s really no limit to what people can achieve. Jullian is proactive in reaching out to top leaders in our business, gaining valuable insights through his efforts. This is another reason he has become a trusted source of advice around the ATL Events Group office.

Jullian is well on his way to becoming a respected leader in our industry. He’s already become one around ATL Events Group HQ, which is why we’re so confident about his future prospects. You can learn more about our top performers by following us on Twitter.