Reliable Networking Strategies

Reliable Networking Strategies

We appreciate the value of a wide network of professional contacts. That’s why we’re always working to improve our ATL Events Group connecting abilities. Here are a few simple strategies we’re applying to make our networking efforts as productive as possible.

Doing research before we attend any industry event is one key element to our networking success. LinkedIn is perhaps the best resource for this, because it allows us to identify common ground with potential contacts. From educational backgrounds to interests outside of work, we have icebreakers ready to go after we peruse a person’s profile.

We’ve found that taking a friend to networking events is another good way to forge meaningful connections. It can be awkward to brag about your own talents, but having someone else to vouch for you is a whole different animal. This strategy gives you instant credibility in the eyes of the people with whom you’d like to connect.

We also look for contacts beyond our own industry or area of specialty. First of all, it’s fascinating to learn from people who occupy different professional spaces than the one in which ATL Events Group is a respected leader. We also never know when we might need advice or assistance from someone in another line of work.

These strategies help us forge strong connections that aid our careers.