Revealing Interview Questions We Ask

Revealing Interview Questions We Ask

We want to learn as much as we can about a potential addition to Team ATL Events Group during an interview. That’s why our hiring managers ask questions that get right to the heart of the matter. Here are a few things we ask about every time we meet with a prospective hire:

• Why They Want to Join Our Team: When a candidate has done a lot of research on ATL Events Group, it shows. The more a person knows about our work culture and our unique position in the marketplace, the more confident we are about adding him or her to our team.

• Examples of Teamwork: We also want to know that potential additions to our team have a strong history of collaborating on big projects. When candidates can offer compelling stories about combining their talents to achieve winning results, we’re intrigued by how well they’ll fit into our organization.

• Problem-Solving Skills: It’s important to find people who have strong problem-solving skills. However, it’s also essential that they understand exactly how their unique talents play pivotal roles in overcoming obstacles. With clear example of how they contribute to solving tough problems, interviewees are well equipped to impress.
These are just a few of the revealing questions we pose to potential hires. Learn more about our approach to interviews by following ATL Events Group on Twitter.