Rewarding Team Members’ Hard Work With Holiday Raffle

Rewarding Team Members’ Hard Work With Holiday Raffle

Showing our ATL Events Group team members that we appreciate their hard work is always a priority for us. We want our people to know how valued they are. So, we regularly recognize our top performers by highlighting them and offering various rewards. Most recently, we held a bonus season raffle that included giveaways for doing excellent work.

The structure was like a typical raffle, except that the tickets were earned through reaching professional development goals. Everyone had the opportunity to earn tickets. It was both a way to have some fun during the holiday season and a chance to encourage people to reach for new career heights. The prizes included a flat screen television, smart-book notebooks, gift cards, and additional paid time off.

Our team culture is one of our greatest strengths. Every success in ATL Events Group’s history has been the result of collaboration and hard work by our amazing team members. So, we are happy to support our people in whatever ways we can.

Team building helps us achieve so much. When our people have strong relationships, it fuels collaboration, which is at the center of every one of our campaigns. Additionally, a strong team culture makes working more fun. In turn, this means higher energy and greater productivity.

This holiday raffle was a fun and effective way to reward our people. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on