Science-Based Guidelines for Excellent Public Speaking

Science-Based Guidelines for Excellent Public Speaking

Every ATL Events Group associate needs to be able to give presentations. Speaking is an essential part of our sales and marketing methodology. So, we are always searching for guidelines and strategies that can help equip our people to master this skill. Here are a few science-based techniques that can help significantly:

  • The Attention Curve: The audience’s attentions are at their highest during the start of the presentation. During the main content, attention levels drop to around 15 percent and then rise again at the end. Combat this by stating your main points right at the start and again at the end of the talk. Consider also having intermediate conclusions after each section.
  • Narrative: Storytelling is an essential component of all of ATL Events Group’s outreach efforts. Using narratives captures attention because it engages listeners on multiple levels. Facts and figures are purely cognitive, but stories can be entertaining and emotional as well as informative.
  • Practice: Properly preparing for your presentations is an invaluable habit to form. It will boost your confidence and make you feel more at home when speaking. Furthermore, practice gives you the chance to hone your message to make it more effective.
  • Body Language: About 60 percent of your message comes from nonverbal cues. So, remember to pay attention to your pose and gestures. You can deepen whatever you are saying with good use of body language. 

These guidelines are based in science and can help you master the art of public speaking. Follow ATL Events Group on Twitter to learn more.