Self-Discipline Strategies for Lasting Success

Self-Discipline Strategies for Lasting Success

Among the many positive habits that highly successful people maintain, self-discipline may be the most important. Around the ATL Events Group office we’ve been working the following strategies into our routines to develop the type of discipline that powers great achievements.

Distractions present themselves in a variety of ways around the office. They also pose great threats to our overall productivity. With that in mind, we set windows of time for checking emails, scanning social media, or making phone calls. This helps us stay on task while still responding to other people’s requests in a prompt manner.

We’ve also learned that rewarding ourselves is a good way to maintain steady progress. When we have a short break or special treat to look forward to, we find it much easier to focus on key tasks. Every reward we earn also helps build positive momentum toward further achievements.

Another good way to maintain self-discipline is to do the hardest thing first. Our ATL Events Group to-do lists can get pretty extensive, but if we tackle the most difficult project right away we’re more motivated to keep mowing down other tasks. The simple act of taking action in a specific order is also a considerable act of discipline.

These strategies are helping us develop essential self-discipline.