Tips for Giving Back on a Budget

Tips for Giving Back on a Budget

For individuals and for companies, giving back to good causes doesn’t require a big budget. This is important to remember, because it’s not always easy to put money aside for charitable giving. Here are a few simple concepts that apply to individual and corporate social impact, all of which we apply to ATL Events Group giveback efforts.

If you want to make the most of your contributions to charity, you have to find the cause that aligns with your values. Around the ATL Events Group office, we use Charity Navigator as our go-to resources for identifying the best charities to support. There, we receive updated information on nonprofits and how they apply the money they receive.

For our personal giving endeavors, we’ve found that having special savings accounts is an ideal way to ensure that we can make a difference. With these specially labeled accounts, we can decide how much money to allocate each month and feel confident that we’ll always have enough to contribute to a worthy cause.

It’s sometimes necessary to sacrifice something if we want to maintain a commitment to giving. Skipping a dinner with friends once a month is a good place to start. We’ve also found that cutting back on fancy coffee and daily snacks makes a big difference in our ability to make a social impact. We remind ourselves that even the smallest donations make real impacts on people in need.

These strategies help us follow through on our commitment to charitable giving. Like ATL Events Group on Newswire and join our discussion on effective social impact efforts