Travel Incentives Inspire Excellent Performance

Travel Incentives Inspire Excellent Performance

We have a skilled group of ambitious professionals in the ATL Events Group office. Thanks to our supportive company culture, we get consistently excellent performance from our brand experts. One of the ways we recognize our people for their dedication is by offering all kinds of travel incentives.

Brandon D., our firm’s CEO, explained, “We like to encourage friendly competition around ATL Events Group HQ. When our people vie for the right to attend a conference, networking event, or exotic retreat, everyone wins. Our team members build stronger camaraderie by inspiring the best performances from each other, while the brands we promote gain big wins in the process.”

Right now, we have a trip for two to Mexico on the line. Brandon added, “This R&R trip will be a reward for the individual who has been consistent with meeting his or her daily goals. The person chosen to go south of the border will also be one who has gone above and beyond for his or her colleagues. We want to encourage cooperation just as much as competition through our office contests.”

Brandon believes that when we work hard to earn travel incentives, the positive momentum carries over into future projects. He noted, “There’s always anticipation in the air when there’s an exciting getaway up for grabs. The uplifting spirit lasts long after each trip is over.”

We’re ready to see who earns the Mexico excursion. Follow ATL Events Group on Twitterfor updates on all our travel plans.