Underappreciated Traits for a Successful Team

Underappreciated Traits for a Successful Team

There are many traits people accept as being necessary for professional success. These include emotional intelligence, discipline, and integrity. As we’ve built ATL Events Group’s winning culture, we’ve learned that the following qualities are also essential:

  • Showing Curiosity: We encourage our people to ask questions to keep learning new things every day. In our experience, those with higher degrees of curiosity are more likely to take well-informed risks that lead to big payoffs.
  • Pushing Past Expectations: This type of drive is a point of emphasis around ATL Events Group, because it’s the attitude that helps a company stay ahead of the competition. When our people stretch beyond their current skill sets to exceed expectations, they find more efficient ways of getting things done.
  • Challenging the Status Quo: We remind our associates to continue seeking improvement, even when things are going well. The status quo won’t help our company reach new heights of success, so we want our people to keep aiming higher even in the best of times.
  • Having a Sense of Humor: Aside from helping people get through stressful situations, laughter also produces endorphins that elevate mood. When we share laughs around ATL Events Group HQ, our productivity always seems to improve.

These are a few of the underrated traits we develop throughout our team to maintain our success. Learn more about our approach to team building by checking out our Newswire.