Our Own Version of March Madness

Our Own Version of March Madness

We’re getting closer to March Madness, which is one of the greatest events on the American sports calendar. Around the ATL Events Group office, we’re preparing for our own version of this yearly extravaganza. As a way of keeping momentum and positive energy high in our workspace, we have friendly in-office competitions every March. It’s nearly time for us to compete for bragging rights that will last a whole year!

Our March Madness event challenges us to hit record numbers, with a prize of $500 (along with those bragging rights mentioned above) on the line. These good-natured contests lead to bigtime wins for the brands we represent and teach us more about the importance of a sports mentality. We learn valuable lessons on leadership, teamwork, planning, and resiliency every time March rolls around.

Competing with our ATL Events Group colleagues also reminds us how important it is to set clear goals. If we establish strong visions of what success will look like, we’re better positioned to focus our efforts and make steady progress. Aiming for prizes is typically more than enough motivation, but having well-defined targets in place ensures that our work is both efficient and inspired.

We’re excited to see who stands out amongst their peers in this year’s ATL Events Group March Madness. Follow us on Twitter for updates on this annual office throwdown.